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Mr. N.R. is a 68 year old, pensioner who moved to Israel 10 years ago. He started working again only to lose his job and soon his debts started to grow. The courts ruled that he must pay 1050 shekels per month to honor his debts . His rent is 1350 shekels a month. His monthly social security payment of 2000 shekels does not cover his living expenses. He needs new glasses, but does not have the money to buy them . When he turned to our organization Chai Bahem for help, we arranged for him to receive his glasses free of charge. We also helped provide him with food for the holidays
A young bride with no financial means found at the Chai Behem institute her wedding gown, her shoes and all the necessary accessories. Normally the cost to rent a bridal gown would be at least 2,800 shekels. At Chai Bahem the volunteer also arranged for the mothers of
the bride and groom, and others in the wedding party beautiful garments to wear for this most important and festive occasion. The volunteer at our bridal showroom is sure to give all the help and attention needed to the young couple to help them on their first step towards building a devoted Jewish home.
On Friday we distribute food packages. One family whose food package had not arrived on time, called our office to check out the cause of the delay. No one was there at the time, but from 10:00 until 11:30 this family left 6 messages. Finally we heard and resolved the problem - the volunteer had inadvertently forgotten the last package in his car. We brought the package to the family along with our sincere apologies. This incident proved to us how vital the food packages are to those who need them!
In another family six out of nine members have genetic eye problems.  They need to replace their glasses every year, at 2500 shekels for each pair!  Chai Bahem has come to their aid as well as to the aid of so many others.
On another Friday one of our volunteers noticed that there was no light in one family's home and found out that their electricity had been turned off 10 days earlier, due to a large, unpaid bill. Our organization intervened and took the necessary steps to have the family's electricity restored.
Mid-Morning snacks:
One morning two years ago one of the Chai Bahem volunteers noticed his daughter preparing large quantities of sandwiches, when asked by her father the meaning of this she replied there were girls in her class who had no food in their school bags and she was making sandwiches for them.
The thought that a girl or boy was going hungry would not let us rest. Since then hundreds of children are enjoying a nutritious snack every day.

Clothing: On a very cold winter day that we at Chai Bahem were unloading a 12 ton container of clothing, we heard about the home of a family of 11 children that had a fire. The family was safe, but all their possessions had been destroyed. Our volunteers quickly went through the container shipment and B"H were able to find clothes to fit all the members of the family. We were so grateful that we were able to help this family, and how fortunate it was that these two events happened on the very same day!
Among all the tests which our generation saw, some are more touching than others. It is the case of Y.B. little girl a 5 year old reached of a very serious disease. Taken drug which it needs to be saved and cured raises in Israel with 500 Shekels the amount!!! The family of Y.B is not in a stable financial position, to acquire for their young girl this drug essential to her survival is an extremely heavy weight for them. The social worker treating the family was addressed to Hai Bahem which saw in this case an occasion to apply large Mitsva de Pikouah Nefesh and to save a life. Grace has benefactors in France the small Y.B could receive its drugs.

Elad, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Netanya, Eilat, Ashdod are the names of just some of the places in Israel from where we get calls for assistance.
This is just one example: We received a call about a mother  from a very poor family who could not nurse her baby because she was undernourished.  The cost of powdered formula for the baby was also too costly  for the family, and therefore they turned to us for help in order to supply food for the baby.  After hearing about this case, we looked into the factors and found out, through a social service worker, that there have been drastic cuts in governmental welfare agency budgets and that they cannot  respond to all of the cases that come before them, including the one we were dealing with. After finding out about the government budget cuts Chai Bahem was willing and able to provide the help needed.

As you can see your help is needed for so many different projects. We have just listed a few of the cases but this is just a drop in the bucket. With your support Chai Bahem can be assisting many more people and families . We ask that at this time for your kind financial assistance.

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