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Dear Friends,

At this time, we have closed the fiscal year for 2009. There was a noticeable decrease in contributions which affected our activities of distributing food baskets .  The good news, is that even so, the general assistance and services which Chaim Bahem offered this year, grew.  Is this a miracle?  We don't see any other explanation!
For example:
2008 - 1200 families were assisted with clothing and shoes.
2009 - 1581 families assisted.

2008 - 620 school packs with writing and other school items were distributed.
2009 - 877 distributed

2008 - 11 schools participated in the Meals Program for 10 students
2009 - 15 participated
 In summary, (thanks to your assistance), we enabled thousands of Jewish families to live their daily lives in an easier manner.
We would like this year, together with you,  to return the distribution of school lunches, to its original impact.
Our Sages teach us: Don’t rely on miracles!

Upcoming Projects of Chai Bahem:
A container with 12 tons of clothing is on its way to Israel.
At this time, we are concerned and active in raising the necessary funds for this.
In order to announce in advance, before the end of this school year, to those family who will be able to merit to receive school packs next year,
we need to know in the coming months, what will be our budget, to meet this Project.

Cost per School Bag: 90 shekels.

Chaim Bismuth,

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